OUR OFFER THE THREE Global Progress on Energy Efficiency

Three Percent Club partners have cost-effective approaches and solutions ready to save energy and improve social and economic development for countries. Applying these solutions and scaling up energy efficiency requires a coordinated effort to increase market penetration of energy-efficient technologies and service solutions. Three Percent Club partners will engage member countries to put them on a sustained path toward a 3% annual improvement in energy efficiency by transforming countries by matching energy efficiency solutions to economy-wide and end-use sector needs. Key actions include:

  • Convene: provide matchmaking for governments with civil society and private-sector organization solutions
  • Commit: Enhance private and public commitments and ambition on energy efficiency
  • Strategize: Conduct analysis and develop energy efficiency strategies and action plans
  • Learn: Develop and deliver training, tools, information and capacity building
  • Implement: Provide technical and financial assistance for policy and project implementation
  • Communicate: Advise on performance tracking, reporting and communicating progress on energy efficiency

While strategy and action are needed economy-wide, investments happen within specific sectors. We support increased investment in sustainable buildings , cities , energy supply , industry , products , services , and transport .
The activities in the core offers include:

Core Offers Activities
Convene Convene government, civil society and private sector
Matchmaking energy efficiency solution providers with those in need of solutions
Facilitate energy efficiency funding, tools and resources to partners
Commit Advocate for ambitious government energy efficiency commitments
Advocate for ambitious private sector energy efficiency commitments
Support product or service suppliers and retailers in making energy efficiency commitments
Support consumer groups and customers in making energy efficiency commitments
Make public energy efficiency commitments (e.g., EP100, EV100, Better Plants Challenge, Cooling Challenge)
Participate in regional and national energy efficiency conferences, webinars, workshops and roundtables
Participate in sub-national/local energy efficiency conferences, webinars, workshops and roundtables
Strategize Conduct analysis to identify energy efficiency targets for regions, countries, states and cities
Conduct analysis to identify energy efficiency actions for countries or sectors
Develop roadmaps or other strategy documents for countries or sectors
Learn Support vocational education and training to enable more solution providers
Provide training and training materials to governments, organizations and partners
Develop and provide energy efficiency tools and resources
Participate in and facilitate webinars, meetings and training programs
Implement Deliver in-country technical assistance through the Energy Efficiency Accelerators
Deliver in-country technical assistance through other three percent club organizations
Advocate for an facilitate energy efficiency policy adoption and implementation
Advocate for enabling investment in energy efficiency solutions (technologies and services)
Provide governments with input on proposed energy efficiency policies
Provide governments with input on proposed financial models (e.g., Energy Service Companies, On-bill Finance, Efficiency as a Service)
Support technical feasibility assessments for projects (e.g., audits, assessment tools, savings analysis)
Support technical assistance for project finance (e.g., business case, contract structure, measurement & verification,
Support energy efficiency process improvements (e.g., ISO 50001, operations and maintenance)
Support implementation of energy efficiency projects (e.g., new construction, retro-commissioning, retrofit, monitoring
and optimization)
Communicate Advise and support partners in performance tracking results with monitoring, verification, and enforcement (MV&E)
Documenting and reporting of energy efficiency impacts
Publicly report energy efficiency performance
Publicly report on supply chain energy efficiency impacts
Publicly report on consumer energy efficiency impacts
Participate in communication of energy efficiency progress and benefits (e.g., conferences, press coverage, social